Friday, October 29, 2010

Aspin's Unusual Trip: The Chase

You might want to read the first part before proceeding or if you’re into Halloween then don’t forget to read the last paragraph on this page--anyway it’s just a joke.

Going Home

The drizzle of rain forced us to leave after an hour, but I managed to urge my sister to take our Aspin puppies for more walk (that’s how much I’m proud of them). I wanted them to make the most out of our trip. Everything went well till we saw ahead probably a mixed-breed dog; we immediately turned and moved towards the gate. The dog was far when we turned our back on him then we heard a bark—coming from that same stray dog behind us. My sister managed to scare him away. He must be a male because he followed us so as to get closed to our beautiful puppies (that’s just a theory of mine). When we arrived at home, I can tell the Chies were saying “Home sweet home,” because they lay comfortably on the floor and quickly fell asleep. They might be so tired of walking and seeing many things: cars, jeepney, people, and a dog they are not familiar with.

cemetery in the Philippines
My advice visit your departed loved ones as early as possible and if allowed you can take your dog, Aspin or not, along. Whichever you prefer, don’t forget All Souls Day. For all those who have gone ahead of us, let’s us pray for them. May their souls find peace with our heavenly Father.

Dare to READ a creepy joke, just in time for Halloween 2010—don’t say I didn’t warn you!

We planned this trip a few months ago on which I thought of a joke—a creepy one—what if our puppies or your dog is set loose inadvertently in the cemetery and comes back with a bone—is it a chicken wing, leg, or something else? I’ll leave it up to your imagination. Mind you I’ve seen a lot of open niches but dare not to look more than 1 second. My level of curiosity at that moment is so dead.

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Aspin's Unusual Trip: The Bumpy Ride

Time to relax.
The farthest distance the “Chies” traveled away from our home is when they had anti-rabies vaccination when they are just 3 months old. On October 24 they turned five months old; yesterday they beat their own record when we set out to a journey—to a quiet place—where you’ll unlikely bring your dog—the cemetery. We want to avoid the huge crowd on November 2, 2010 (All Souls Day), so might as well take them with us.

The Swift Journey

The four of us (My sister, I, and the Chies: Chuhie and Buchie) set on a journey at 7 am and arrived at the cemetery a few minutes after. Fortunately, before we left our house they did their messy affairs after they had breakfast. The brief trip is fast and clean—except the drooling, a manifestation of their fear or nervousness. We cuddled and pat them all throughout the trip to relax and assure them that they are not having another vaccination, for now; the touch therapy worked for Chuchie but not to Buchie, especially when the road is too bumpy.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bow-wow-ween 2010 Online Winners

Last week, I wrote about Bow-wow-ween, a Halloween contest for dogs. The winners or online champions were chosen based on the number of “Likes” in Facebook. And now may I present to you the 3 winners that you can meet on October 30, 2010 at SM City Manila. On the same dy, Bow-wow-ween dog fashion show competition will also be held.

1st Place: Aki

2nd Place: Padme

3rd Place: Thursday

Congratulations to all the cute dogs wearing their costume and to their owners who worked hard convincing and urging their friends to vote; they must have many Facebook friends. I did cast my vote but before that it took some time for me to choose. All dogs are adorable for that alone they are winners with or without recognition, even Facebook members like me because I have fun looking at the photos of different dog breed: some are small, furry that you can’t see their eyes, beady eyes and more enticing features.

If there will be another Bow-wow-ween contest next year, I’m sure more will join and if you have a dog why not try your luck. Your dog might have many online admirers.

Resource and photo credit: SM City Manila in Facebook


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scaredy Cats and Dogs, Early Halloween at Eastwood Central Plaza

2010 costume Halloween contest for cats and dogs at Eastwood

PAWS presents the Scaredy Cats and Dogs in its seventh year on October 23, 2010 at the Eastwood Central Plaza. The dynamic duo of your kids and pets wearing their outfit for the occasion can compete at the costume competition

Special guest:
  •  dog trainer June Lazarte with Mikki
  •  Talentadong Pinoy Hall of Famers, Wanlu & Zion Show

Schedule of event:
  •  Pet program – 10 am
  •  Kids program – 3 am
  •  Citywide Trick-or-treat – 5 pm

What to bring:
  • Your pet’s updated vaccination record.
  •  Php 250 registration fee.

The proceeds will go to PAWS Animal Shelter.

Have fun! Make sure your pet look cuter in his costume--this means a lot of treats.

Resource, photo credit, and for further information:


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bow-wow-ween: Vote/Like the Enchanting Doggies

2010 Halloween contest for dogs at SM City Manila

I feel like walking in a pooch park. I’ve met many dogs and puppies across the Philippines online. Through the power of Facebook, I’ve known the Bow-wow-ween contest of SM City Manila.

The proud owners who joined are busy campaigning for their pets to receive many votes which are equivalent to the number of “like” button being clicked. I’m not campaigning for anyone, but I encourage everyone to vote for the pooches which made you sigh, smile, or laugh even if it’s just their photo. Honestly, I like them all; they are so adorable even without costume or accessory.

Hurry up! You only have time to vote until 5 pm tomorrow (October 20, 2010). The top 3 winners will be awarded on October 30 at SM City Manila.

Resource, photo credit and VOTE: SM City Manila in Facebook


Friday, October 15, 2010

Too Many Reasons to Be Thankful For

Gratitude is the topic for today. First, I would like to thank my sister who bought doggie treats and supply. These were bought in SM supermarket at SM San Lazaro during the last day of the 3-day sale.
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy First Birthday Kermit!

birthday of a Filipino dog
The Celebrant
Four days ago is an extra-special day because Kermit turned 1 year old. Household chores consumed my time in the morning; but in the afternoon I allotted it for Kermit—I gave her a bath, the hygiene that was postponed for two weeks because I have to fix a personal affair. No matter how much she hated water, I can tell she missed the refreshing feeling, cleaned, and good smell of herself.

For this special event, special guest are invited—first is Chuchie then the rest of her family. They enjoyed/feasted on “pansit”, a common food served in almost every Filipino occasion.

As I was filling up their dog bowl, they are barking (as always); but this time, because were celebrating Kermit’s birthday their barking can mean singing the Happy birthday song in different tone—some with annoying high pitch and others a bit low but irritating just the same. About the photo of pansit, I forgot to get my camera and take a shot before serving—what was left somewhat shows how gluttonous they are (well including me) and how good my mom cooks.

pansit is a famous Filipino delicacy
The Goody!
Pansit was just their snack. As I’m writing this in a piece of paper (The computer is unavailable at the moment; my sister turned it on, the moment she entered the room.) I can hear them barking or asking for their dinner which they usually have at 5:00 pm. I’ve mentioned the food, the guest, the celebrant, but a birthday is not without a b-day wish: Kermit might have wished for more dog walking, more treat, or more quality time.  Ever since the “Chies” arrived I spend less time with her. How can I equally divide my time for 5 pooches. Perhaps it should have been among my b-day wishes. Next year I’ll be a better event organizer--and most importantly, a financer.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

3 Snow Whites Having Catnap

three sleeping white kittens

They are some of Chuchie’s feline friends taking a nap in the morning.

cute white kittens on a chair

Fortunately, Chie is inside also catching a wink; she wasn’t able to disturb them.

three behave kittens

Once the white kittens or their mothers are in sight, Chie will play with them. I hope she doesn’t outgrow the gentleness and camaraderie towards the supposed-archenemy of her kind.