Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Proof of Protection

Vaccination Certificate
The vaccination on last Tuesday is successful, and the photo of vaccination certificate can prove it. Sorry, if you cannot rely solely on the blurred photo for details, but for your convenience the following are specified:
  • Name of owner
  •  Address
  •  Name of pet
  •  Breed
  •  Sex
  •  Color
  •  Age
  •  Markings
  •  Vaccine used (Rabisin)
  •  Date vaccinated and expiration (we’ll be back the same date next year)
  •  Name and signature of veterinarian
  •  And lastly typos weren’t left behind starting with my family name

Congratulations to Buchie and Chuchie; they are well-behaved while on the trip and during vaccination. My sister decided to give a healthy treat which I agree with—Yakult contained good bacteria for good digestion. But sadly what we fear for Buchie was confirmed by the vet. Months ago, I felt a mass on Buchie’s chest and I told it to my sister, then she looked it up on the Internet, and found Sliding Hernia matched her condition.

After the vaccination, I told the veterinarian about the mass on her chest which fortunately didn’t grow. He examined Buchie which was standing quietly. According to the vet, monitoring of the mass’s size is important; if it gets bigger, operation must be done.

Poor Buchie; nonetheless, the good news is she’s agile and eat much—still she weigh less than her sister or Chuchie is just genetically big like their dad. For now, I don’t want to worry about her condition; rather, I pray that it will vanish and that she stays with us so we can take care of her. By then we’ll have bigger family, but happier though noise permanently dwells with us, especially if they hear the sound of a metal, they think their food is being prepared.

I’ll veer the topic to anti-rabies vaccination. If your dog doesn’t have one yet, ask who’s in charge in city veterinary office. There’s no reason why your dog shouldn’t have one; if you’re budget is tight, I’ll say it again it’s FREE. Your dog’s presence is all it takes for a year of protection.


Monday, August 23, 2010

The Little and the Great Pain

This week, they are scheduled to have their first vaccination for free in the city veterinary office at the city hall.  As part of RA 9842 “Anti-Rabies Act of 2007,” dog owners are mandated to have their dog vaccinated of anti-rabies to protect the animal and the community. I’m sure they’ll behave in their first trip (riding in a vehicle). I hope they pee or do other messy business before we leave and after we arrive at home. My other dogs were vaccinated also there as a puppy then at the barangay hall every summer.

For Filipino dog owners, you can ask about this service in your barangay hall; or urge someone you know to avail of this free service. It’s a little bit of pain (for man’s best friend) that protects everyone. I know they can take it. What sort of treat should I give them afterwards: ice cream, french fries or chips? (Don’t get me wrong, I do care about their health. Although in some occasion, I give treat—with less nutritional value.)

When it’s all done, another painful thing will come: adoption of Buchie. We’re going to contact our relatives who might be interested of having a dog as a member of their family and not just as a pet or “bantay.” But an intervention may happen that she could stay with us even though we already have 3 dogs and 2 puppies (Buchie is included). Space is limited, but it can be fixed.

Those are the possibilities that may or may not happen, but the vaccination is certainly going to materialize.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dog Fighting—Where Is the Love?

It’s seems just yesterday, Chuchie and Buchie get along well. They harmlessly wrestled, played hide and seek, chased one another, and when one is sleeping the other makes disturbance. Those were the happy moments, sadly, I didn’t capture on camera.
I long to see those moments. The leash keeps them apart and prevents dog fight which occurred several times in different situations. At first, I thought it’s’ juts a simple misunderstanding, but things became worst.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Refrigerator Invasion

Ready for a cold  treat.
Chuchie is the first of its kind. Among our pets, she is the only puppy who developed an odd habit that makes us wonder and laugh—every time the light and cold air comes out of the refrigerator, Chuchie comes rushing inside, standing on hind feet, and trying to have a look of what can be eaten. Obviously, she’s enjoying the instant air conditioner.

Everyone in our family, who opens the refrigerator, never fails to find her when looking down. Instead of being annoyed, we gently take her aside. If she only knows that dog food is stored somewhere else, I bet she wouldn’t bother exerting effort. I can’t blame her; she must have sensed chips, bread, and other snacks kept inside. For now we have to put up with Chuchie’s disturbance. Whether she outgrown her icy infatuation, we’ll always love her.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

The First Week of Dog Walking

Since Thursday last week, I’m taking them out for dog walking. It’s about time from them to explore a different environment. The first time we went out, I had to call Chuchie and Buchie frequently to encourage them to walk. And when they hear the sound of vehicles, they were a bit frightened. Buchie approached me barking as if telling me that she wants to go home; whereas, Chuchie keeps on moving and sniffing the ground.

I wanted to stay longer for us to catch sunlight without the harsh UV rays, but dog walking is new for them; thus, I took them home so as not to stress my furry pals. Without much amazement, I watched them gallop, walk, and run as we were headed home. Buchie was barking like announcing her arrival. I don’t have to take the lead because they are like cars equipped with GPS; like their parents they love going home. We didn’t even spend more than 5 minutes outside, yet they already missed our home.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sprawling Chuchie, Hidden Talent

There she goes again lying with her tummy against the floor and limbs stretched. She’s like Super Chuchie flying over the floor without her cape and costume. It’s Chuchie’s habit she takes after her mother. One thing is for sure: she developed this practice because of fondness for cold felt through the marble floor. Her favorite spot to strike the odd pose is in the bathroom, the same hangout of her mom when they are of the same age.

While our adorable puppy is unmindful, we are more careful and turn on the light before entering the bathroom to prevent stepping on Chuchie. In an incident, I accidentally stepped on her front feet; fortunately, it wasn’t hard enough to cause injury or make her cry. Every time I go to the bathroom it’s no surprise to see a living creature lying with satisfaction on her nook, as if she doesn’t care to anyone’s presence. At some point the temptation to disturb her prevailed; my sister and I interrupted her R & R through bathing—the routine she hates the most. This ambush doesn’t have an effect on her; the next day, there she lay in the same spot.

IC has outgrown the habit of hanging out in the bathroom but not sprawling. I can only guess that Chuchie can beat this unusual habit soon. But if it’s too hard for her at least she should lie somewhere else; otherwise, by the time she is fully grown, a lot of space in our not-so-big bathroom will be occupied.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chuchie’s Background

Meet Chuchie’s Family

Chuchie and Buchie, her sister, are the third litter of IC and Pino. Her parents are a mix breed of Aspin and as the vet said, “Terrier.” They both came from the line of Jonas, one of the dogs we owned that started the unique type of breed, often making people guess. Jonas is Chuchie’s grandmother through Pino and great grandmother through IC. Confusing? To make it simple, my family and I are grateful to have them regardless of breed and duration.

What’s in a Name?

When Chuchie was born, we expected her to look like Chuckie, her deceased brother, because they both look similar in their two weeks of life. But Chuchie’s physical development is entirely different from Chuckie, except the color.

Despite of their differences, we named her after her brother, whom we will never forget. With the new puppies around and blogging in BC, my family and I are less saddened by our lost. However, we are now always reminded that we once had Chuckie’s company through Chuchie.

  • White is her dominant color.
  •  One of her eyes is surrounded by black during the first month but brown appeared later. Nonetheless, this feature brought about the blog’s name.
  • There are two huge black spot at her back.
  • The tip of her tail is white, and the rest is black towards the hind legs.
  • The coat is dense and straight.
  • The huge physique resembles her dad.
Favorite Food
  • ice cream
  • sawdust
  • spaghetti
  • cookies
Dislike: bathing

  • Eating variety of foods frequently and chewing shoes.
  • Playing with her parents, sisters, cats, and with us.
  • Sleeping in her favorite position.
  • Tearing of newspapers.
  • Ambushing the refrigerator.

Be informed for more stories yet to come from an adorable Aspin.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hello World!

On May 24, 2010 Chuchie and Buchie were born. It’s the day our family didn’t expect that there would be an addition to our family. Two weeks before, we prepared IC’s laboring area, where she can comfortably give birth, but nothing happened. We waited in vain till one morning I discovered the third litter of IC.

I didn’t notice them at first because they were huddled by IC, my pearly white 3-yr-old dog. The markings of brown and black revealed our realized anticipation—we have new adorable members in our family. I found out this good news first; thus, I took the liberty and privilege to announce the much-anticipated arrival to my newly-awaken siblings and parents.

Chuchie and Buchie are the third litter of IC. The first two, IC commonly gave birth to three puppies with varied markings. But in the third, white dominated the puppies’ coat. They were big for their first day out of their mother’s womb, making them the biggest among their siblings.

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