Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year With a Bang(s)

New Year, New look. Because Pino’s sight is a bit  blocked by his long hair that he occasionally bumps into things, so her mom (my sister) grabbed his tool and gave him a haircut.

Time to say goodbye to long hair!

Pino is the only dog in our home who gets (elaborated) haircut. My sister assumed this task acting as though she’s expert in this field. The problem is, the victim wouldn’t sit still. He would even use his paw to fend off her mom’s hands. But my sister is persistent and determined.

Better view!

A straight cut there, a slanted cut here, then a quick comb—voila—Pino has a new bangs to be proud of.

Better look?

What else can we do but to laugh, and Pino, as though knew he’s being mocked move away from the detractors. Seeing his new bangs is like seeing a new side kick of Dora. Boots can now step aside. But I can’t say muy bien to my sister, but  she did her best. Like what they say practice makes perfect. I don’t know if other aspin in our home would volunteer to be her next victim. I bet Pino is shy a little to parade his new look.

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