Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chuchie’s Big Moment!

Today you’ll witness a rare event as Chuchie shows her prowess on the keyboard.

Ladies, gentlemen, and doggies let’s give a round of applause to the musically-inclined Aspin.

dog playing in the keyboard
“Vocalization first.”
“Sorry to keep you waiting. Now, I’m all set. Inhale, exhale.

This is for everyone, with or without paws, Aspin or not.”

“No interruption or disapproval; keep on listening!”

small stuffed toy and keychain
The ever-supportive fans!

“Thanks to my loyal fans.” (After all the cheer, have you paid them already?) “Uhm . . . Here’s one more rendition that you’ll love as much as I do.”

Chuchie Perry?

“That’s just for now, till my next performance.”

“Mom, dad where is my treat? I think I should sleep first to rest my vocal.”


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