Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Now a Lady!

I’m still an Aspin. What the title means is, after nine months and ten days, I am now “in hit.” At first I left little drops of blood on the floor; these evidences lead to the discovery of my granny—the baby is now a lady. And it’s not good news!

By now, the “alert mode” in the house is activated. At all costs, my human owners wouldn’t let any male pooch comes near me because there’s a strictly-imposed rule in our house after Buchie and I were born: no more puppies! They wouldn’t leave me alone outside; my great grandparents (my owners’ parents) are their helping to guard the “blossoming lady!”

They are grateful for one thing though, Buchie, my sister, is not yet in hit, so all eyes are on me. What if all treats are for me? How I wish from the bottom of my coat!



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